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Order online, but please don’t abandon the hold messages.

Unfortunately, when ordering online, you won’t get to hear our informative and infamous on hold messages when you choose to use our online ordering service that is now live.

You can, of course, order online to save you time, with next day and national deliveries, and with that extra time you have managed to save yourself you can call our head office, based in the centre of the known universe in Willenhall, and ask to be put on hold, so you can hear the plethora of our humorous and sometimes a bit, well (comedic pause) suggestive hold comments.

Whatever way you wish to get hold of your nuts, or get something for the weekend, or any other day for that matter, metric or imperial, and with pictures, so you know what you are ordering, you won’t have to tri ard at all; we do that for you.

You name it; we’ve got it, online, in-store. Whatever it is you need, we accept orders online through this website, go on have a look, we bet there is something you need right now, click away.

You could, of course (yawn) email, phone (and ask to get put on hold) visit the Trade counter and even fax us your order for the thousands of products we have available, although we can’t accept orders for the occasional screw.

No one tries harder than TRI ARD.